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Flowers in Pocket

Where do flowers come from?

Like many commodities in the US, 70-80% of our flowers are imported. US flowers endure a long journey on a cargo plane or ship from South America and other continents. Blooms are shuffled from farm, to truck, to plane, to another truck, to wholesaler, to florist and finally, to you - that's a lot of hands!

Material waste in the floral industry is staggering - cardboard, plastic and water are used in abundance to protect the flowers in their long, rough journey. The dangerous chemicals applied in the country of origin kill pests and preserve the flowers but harm farm workers. Eventually those lingering chemicals end up in our homes on our dinner tables. Nothing says I love you like a dozen roses loaded with toxic chemicals!

Need I go on??

Why local flowers?

Locally-farmed flowers have a streamlined supply chain which means fresher, longer-lasting blooms for you! The blooms are often non-traditional varieties that spice up your bouquet and many local flowers are free of the harmful chemicals. Most importantly, when you buy local, you're supporting small businesses whose growers are passionate about their craft and dedicated to the people they employ and communities they represent.


The local flower movement throughout the US is spreading quickly and the Chicago Flower Market is proud to partner with Midwest farmers to delight Chicago with local blooms. Click here to meet our farmers and connect with them on social media to learn what a day-in-the-life of a local farmer looks like.


See you on market day!

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