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The hub for local wholesale flowers

Designers, Florists & Event Planners:  I hear you.  You work hard to source flowers locally, organically, and sustainably. The supply chain in Chicago just hasn't supported you...until now.

Chicago Flower Market is a gathering of blooms from Midwest farms at a weekly wholesale meetup during the growing season. Like the other wholesalers - but local.

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Local Perks

One Stop Shop - no more driving to farms or wrangling communication with multiple growers to source your needs for the week

Amazing Seasonal Availability - bloom calendar coming soon!

Quality - that only local can provide

Safer Growing Standards - most partner farms follow organic practices

Watercolor Plants_edited_edited_edited.jpg

our flowers take the simplest path

Watercolor Plants_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Chicago Flower Market Supply Map
Florists, designers & growers:
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